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About Our Founder

Anthony Banh 2023 Mininized.jpg

Anthony tackles every day with one goal in mind - to create greatness in his father's name. After losing his father to cancer, he aspires to help himself and others strive for happiness. He encourages those around him to discover avenues that pair their professional and personal aspirations together.

For him, it's creativity and business - and that's how Kuva was founded. By combining his educational background from the Schulich School of Business and his creative passions, you get impactful photos driven by business acumen and pure devotion to the craft. 


This is the foundation upon which Kuva's values and work are built. Whether your goal is to increase online conversions, stand out from competitors, or build a beautiful website, we want to work with you to design and deliver images that help you reach your business goals.

Kuva - K for Ken, A for Anthony.

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